GENEVA OR HANAU circa 1790
  A Swiss or German enamelled gold snuff-box
Maker\'s mark indistinct, Geneva or Hanau, circa 1790

Oval box, the cover, sides, and base set with panels enamelled in translucent dark-blue on an engine-turned wavy sunburst ground, the cover further painted en grisaille with a scene depicting an officer and his attendant departing for war and leaving his young family, in a waterside landscape with sailing ship beyond, within taille d\\\'épargne gold floral and enamel border and an opaque white enamel fillets, the base and sides similarly bordered, the four side pilasters engraved with gold urns on opaque white taille d\'épargne enamel rectangles.

8,5 x 6 cm.
136 gr.
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