GENEVA CIRCA 1790 by J.S. Magnin & Cie
  A Swiss enamelled gold snuff-box by J.S. Magnin & Cie (1772-1812)
Marks of Geneva circa 1790, struck with two French-post 1839 import marks for gold.

Oval box, the cover, sides and base set with panels of translucent dark-blue enamel on an engine-turned sun-burst ground with gold \"taille d\'épargne\" borders, within opaque white enamel frames with fluted gold and \"entrelac\" enamel borders, the base centred with a gold and enamel floral rosette, the four side pilasters engraved with gold urns on translucent french-blue taille d\'épargne enamel rectangles, the cover centred with an oval enamel plaque depicting a classical scene.

8,3 x 5,8 cm.
124 gr.
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