PARIS 1809-1819
  A french gold snuff-box by Adrien Jean Maximilien Vachette (1779-1839)
Marks for gold of Paris 1809-1819

pcket-shaped box, the cover, sides and base set with panels of peak-pattern engine-turning within reeded gold frames, with slightly raised sablé borders chased with foliage of polished gold, the flange engraved \"20k. 5\" and \"Vachette Bijoutier ŕ Paris\" in fitted red leather case

8,7 x 4,6
133 gr.

Vachette was one of the best-known of the Parisian gold box makers at the turn of the 18th to the 19th Century. He struck his mark in 1779 and later worked together with Nitot, one of the court jewellers of Emeror Napoleon.
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