An Italian micro mosaic depicting the view of Tivoli, within a Greek-key border and carved gilt wooden frame.

Rome, first quarter 19th century, attributed to Giacomo Raffaelli (1755-1836)
Sizes: h. 43,5 x 36cm.

During the archeological excavations in Rome that began in the 16th century, the ancient technique of mosaic was revived with the re-discovery of classical antiquities. In the late 18th century, the Vatican Mosaic Workshop developed the micro mosaic technique using tiny glass beads on panels. Small objects with mosaic versions of landscapes, architectural views, animals and classical motifs became a Roman specialty, which were highly sought after by Grand Tour visitors in the late 18th and 19th centuries. Related views of Tivoli include The Temple of Sibyl and a Waterfall by Giacomo Raffaelli in the Hermitage Museum illustrated by Roberto Grieco, op.cit. pag. 151 pl. 372 and a View of Tivoli by Giovanni Morelli in the Gilbert Collection, Victoria & Albert Museum illustrated by Jeanette Gabriel, op. cit. pag 102-3 n47


Placca in micromosaico di forma rettangolare raffigurante una veduta delle cascate di Tivoli decorato lungo i profili da un motivo a greca. Cornice in legno dorato.
Roma, primo quarto del XIX secolo

Dimensioni : alt.43,5 x 36 cm.
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