LONDON 1889 by George Heath
  pocket-shaped rectangular silver box with rounded corners, the hinged cover with an enamelled scene of a duel between ggentlewomen whitin a wooded landscape, the convex sides and base decorated with applied jewelled symbols, initials and the signatures of famous and important personalities from vaudeville, theatre and film of the early twentieth century in gold, highlighted in diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, enamel and other precious stones, an inscription on the inside cover has been rubbed and is now illegible, with push thumbpiece.
The names include Perewall NE Kauffmann, Marceline, Carl Pollack, Aurora, WC Fields, Nick or Rick Sarvade, Severus Schaffer, E&F Bradnay, W Gudge, F Qatooria, Willy Pantzer, Ernest Pantzer, Tanny Allen, Connie Ediss, C Kuffert, H Missouri, Gifford, Richard Warner, monogram PE in diamonds and rubies with a horseshoe below in sapphires and diamonds, also the phrase "Find unwritten name" and placed within the names a jewelled insect, a jewelled bicycle, a jewelled question mark, a jewelled number 5 and jewelled initial E within a white enamel border.


Scatola porta sigarette in argento, coperchio con scena di duello tra nobildonne, corpo interamente decorato da firme, simboli e iniziali in oro, diamanti, rubini, smeraldi, zaffiri, smalti e altre pietre preziose. Le firme corrispondono a celebri personalit¨¤ del teatro di Vaudeville e del cinema dei primi anni del XX secolo.
Punzoni di Londra 1889, orefice George Heath.
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