Berlin, Prussia, 18th Century.
  Tortoiseshell body with guilloche wine-red exterior lacquer. Finely chased gold mounting, slip lid with glazed miniature of a collage of mother-of-pearl, metal and gouache on a mother-of-pearl ground. Depicted is Frederick the Great (Frederick II, 1712-1786) on horseback with his troops in Potsdam after an etching by Daniel Nikolaus Chodowiecki (1726-1801)
Circa 1777

Height: 2.6 cm.
Diameter: 7.8 cm.


Tabacchiera in tartaruga e composizione, coperchio con miniatura su madreperla raffigurante Federico il Grande che ispeziona della sua truppa armata a Potsdam. Da un'incisione di Daniel Nikolaus Chodowiecki. Rifiniture in rilievo di pagliuzze d'oro e in argento. Germania 1770 ca
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